Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mailbox for Husby

For our first anniversary, I made two gifts for Joseph. Because it was our first anniversary, we were supposed to give each other paper gifts. That lent itself perfectly to being crafty. While I was in Hobby Lobby one day purchasing some items for Croffice (coming soon!), I found a paper mache mailbox (sorry, I don't have any before pictures). It was only 99 cents (on sale), and I thought it would be a fun way for me to leave notes for Husby. I started by adding scrapbook paper with modge podge. Then I cut a couple of fun images using my Silhouette SD. I really like the "restroom" couple. Hehe. I used a red Sharpee to add the little hearts on them.
I also used a red Sharpee to color the flag. I was pleased with the result.

An index card folded in half (and trimmed a tiny bit) makes a great start for a homemade card.

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